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Jewish Life Special Events & Lectures

Jewish Life at the Shames JCC


The Shames JCC brings opportunities and programs that inspire and grow community connections to Jewish teachings, values, spirituality, and culture in a way that is accessible, caring, and inspiring. These programs encompass diverse activities and events for people of all ages that celebrate and explore the rich heritage, traditions, and values of Jewish culture. We offer a range of opportunities both at our JCC and in northern Westchester.

Yanira Quiñones

Director of Jewish Life

(914) 366-7898 x1137

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The Torah in the Tarot
3 Sundays, 11:30 am–12:30 pm: 3/17, 4/14, and 5/5

$18 Member / $30 Non-Member

Stav Appel, author of The Torah in the Tarot, returns to the Shames JCC for a three-part discussion series detailing the scope of Judaica concealed in the oldest known version of the famous Tarot de Marseille, the artistic ancestor of contemporary Tarot cards.

For 400 years, the Judaica of the Tarot has been unrecognized, misunderstood, or ignored, but now the time has arrived for the cards to reveal their secrets.  Come and learn about the Torah in the Tarot.

*Tarot will not be read at the class

Session 1:  1500s – The Inquisition & Crypto-Judaism. The Fool to the Chariot

Session 2:  1600s – Kabbalists versus Talmudists.  Justice to Death

Session 3:  1800s and beyond –  The Jews & The Occult.  Temperance to The World

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