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Shames JCC VOD!

Shames JCC VOD!

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Home Circus Exercises


Circus Exercises to do at Home

Turn your living room into a circus (if it’s not already) with these virtual live classes and videos from our friends at Westchester Circus Arts.

Monday 4:00 PM: Juggle w/Sonja
Live on Twitch

Monday 5:30 PM: Teen/Adult Yoga Flow w/Amy (stretch & strength)
Live on Zoom
Meeting ID: 338 778 9519
Password: 54321

Wednesday at 4:00 PM: Mr. Amazing’s Circus Corner
Live on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 952 716 5733
Password: 5ucTay

Wednesday at 5:00 PM: Flexibility & Conditioning w/Amy
Live on Zoom;
Meeting ID: 840 6525 5421
Password: 54321

Friday at 12:00 PM: Lunch break hula hooping & cardio! w/Hilary
Live on Zoom;  
Meeting ID: 929 8672 7007; Password: 8jZPhD

Mr. Amazing also worked with Rockland Country Steps to a Healthier NY campaign but these exercises are perfect for the whole family during COVID-19.

The Seven Stages of Laughter:

Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey

Crazy Arms