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Fashion, Beauty, and Bonding Womens Group

Fashion, Beauty, and Bonding Womens Group (Ages 18+)

Dates/times vary

This social group provides a special, welcoming place for folks identifying as females with disabilities to come together and connect. We partnered with Neiman Marcus to provide our participants with some of the best make-up, hair styling, and fashion pros in the industry!

Participants can register for all in the series or for select events of their choice. See below for details.

Annie Bridson

Director of Supportive Services

(914) 366-7898 x1108

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Session 1: Makeup Exploration

Saturday, January 27; 12:00-1:30 pm

$15 member/ $20 non-member

For our first session, we will be learning about and experimenting with makeup. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or just starting your beauty journey, join us and a makeup artist from Neiman Marcus for an afternoon of empowering discussions, inclusive tutorials, and connection amongst a community that embraces and highlights diverse beauty.

Session 2: Hairstyling and Hair Care

Saturday, February 10; 1:00-3:00 pm 

$15 member/ $20 non member

Come learn about hairstyling and hair care from Angie Johnson,  a professional hairstylist for movies and films in NYC. Bring hairstyling tools you already have so that Angie can help you learn different techniques using what you already own.

Session 3: Fashion Fundamentals

Saturday, March 16; 1:00-3:00 pm 

Members and non-members: $100

We will be partnering with Neiman Marcus to learn about and experiment with clothing.  At Neiman Marcus Westchester, participants will be led through practical lessons and discussions about when to wear what, in addition to defining their style and shopping! A highly skilled personal stylist will walk the participants through understanding diverse body types, mobility considerations, and unique fashion needs, fostering creativity and confidence in their style choices. All money paid for this program will be put toward a giftcard for your participant to purchase something for their wardrobe or beauty collection.


Please only register for one participant; if the participant needs a staff member present, please email [email protected] to give us the staff member’s information.  


Session 4: Bonding Brunch and Photoshoot

April (date TBD)

$15 member/$20 non-member

Our final session will culminate in a brunch and a photo shoot! Participants will be able to practice the skills that they have learned throughout our first three sessions. We will have a makeup station and hair station so that the participants can get all glammed up before their photo shoot!

Please note, this photoshoot will only be open to individuals who have taken part in one or more of the other sessions. 

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