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Shames JCC Summer Camps

Shames JCC Summer Camps

transform summers into experiences of a lifetime!  

River Friends Day Camp

Ages 2 – 6

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River Friends Day Camp Director, Melissa Deierlein


Camp Twelve Trails

Grades K – 10

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Camp Twelve Trails Coordinator, Kayla Reisman


Summer Sensations

Grades K-6  

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Program Manager, Samantha Lewis


A message for parents of five and six year old campers:

Campers entering kindergarten and first grade (ages 5 and 6) can attend either River Friends Day Camp or Camp Twelve Trails, or both!  At River Friends Day Camp, campers stay on-site at the Shames JCC and take advantage of our staff of early childhood educators and our brand new, state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor facilities. Kids swim and play, make messes and make friends, and celebrate who they are through countless fun and hands-on activities.  At Camp Twelve Trails, “pioneer” campers take advantage of the expansive, beautifully re-designed Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds only 11 miles from the Shames JCC.  Campers are treated to a combination of traditional outdoor camp experiences and targeted activities to suit individual interests ensuring each kid loves every minute. Kids sing songs and tell jokes on the bus ride to camp where they create, grow, explore, discover and play!  Whichever camp you choose, one thing is certain… the fun is endless!

Please contact Melissa Deierlein at (914) 366-7898 if you would like to discuss the right choice for your child.

Special for Teens: Find Your Summer!

Are you starting to think about this summer? Dreaming about that California sun? Interested in an internship? A teen travel tour across the US? Summer camp? An international trip? All teens are invited to schedule a one-on-one or group coffee date with Kayla, Director of Youth and Teen Engagement, kreisman@shamesjcc.org, for free coffee, froyo, and swag, and an opportunity to look into teen summer possibilities!

There’s also a new River Friends Day Camp C.I.T. program for 8th and 9th graders!

Or, you can have a blast in our Camp Twelve Trails Teen Adventure Program for 7th – 10th graders and C.I.T. program for 10th and 11th graders!