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Shames JCC VOD!

Shames JCC VOD!

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Indoor Triathlon

Join Us For Our Inaugural Indoor Distance Triathlon! 

Anyone can do this triathlon! Unlike most triathlons where there is a set distance, in our triathlon, you swim, bike, and run as much as you want in the time allotted. This triathlon is meant to be fun—all levels and beginners are welcome! Adults (ages 16+) will swim for 15 minutes, bike for 20 minutes, and run for 20 minutes. Juniors (ages 8 – 15, divided by age: 8 –10, 11 – 12, 13 – 15) will swim for 5 minutes, bike for 10 minutes, and run for 10 minutes. In addition to the race, there will be a pre-race experience, a complimentary briefing, and lots of fun and goodies at the event

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Junior* First Heat: 5:00 PM
Swim: 5 Minutes
Bike: 10 Minutes
Run: 10 Minutes

*Kids will be separated into these age groups: 8 –10, 11 – 12, 13 – 15

Adult (ages 16+): First Heat: 6:10 PM

Swim: 15 Minutes
Bike: 20 Minutes
Run: 20 Minutes

Junior Entry Fees:
Until February 19: $10 (Members)/$15 (Guests)
After February 20: $15 (Members)/$20 (Guests)
Day of (if available): $25 (Members)/$30 (Guests)

Adult Entry Fees:
Until February 19: $40 (Members)/$55 (Guests)
After February 20: $50 (Members)/$65 (Guests)
Day of (if available): $65 (Members)/$80 (Guests)

Be sure to join us for the complimentary briefing and race walk through!
March 25 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Register Here
For more information, email Lisa Bruskin: lbruskin@shamesjcc.org.

Pre-race experience (16 years +) with Coach Joanne Dondero

Pick 1: February 25, March 4, or March 11
6:30 – 7:30 PM
Fee: $20M – $25N/M

Come join Joanne Dondero (our JCC Triathlon Coach) for a ‘actual’ triathlon race experience. This is a run through of the full experience of our upcoming indoor triathlon with coaching feedback.

Coach Joanne Dondero is a veteran triathlete with 30 years’ experience. Joanne has completed 8 Ironmans, and qualified 4 times for World Championships in Kona. She has 2 Masters Degrees in Physical Education and Health and has taught for over 32 years. Coach Joanne’s certifications include USAT L2 Coaching for over 10 years, USMS Masters in Swim Coaching for over 5 years and ACE Certified Personal Trainer for over 20 years.


We are also looking for volunteers! Click here for more information and to sign-up.


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All heats start on time. Please confirm your heat start 24 hours prior by checking our wipe board at the member entrance.

Youth heat starts 5:10pm sharp on the pool deck. Adult heat starts 6:10pm sharp on pool deck. Subsequent waves begin every 20 minutes. *If you miss your heat start, you may begin in your heat but you must finish at your heat stop time. You will not be allowed to begin with a different heat start without permission from the race organizer (space and safety permitting).

Athlete check in, will take place 30 minutes prior to heat start at our main lobby area ( please enter through the front of the building)
Athletes will get instructions prior to start in the main lobby area.
No family or friends should be of assistance in the transition area or any other area that this event is taking place. (Safety first). STAFF will assist YOUTH athletes.
Viewing areas will be stationed on pool deck – Main lobby and West lobby.
Please be courteous to both other participants and other JCC members.
If you choose at any point to stop early, your distance will be recorded at the point you stopped.

What to bring:

Swimsuit/swim trunks
Swim Cap
Bike attire – bike shorts/tri kit – spin shoes/sneakers (no bare chest)
Lock for lockers
Race format:

Locker room will be your transition area
Proceed to pool deck 5 minutes prior to your start
When swim is complete; transition  takes place in our family changing areas
Proceed from locker room; down the hallway to the cycle studio (athlete sets up own bike)
After cycle, head down hallway to the fitness center and locate the marked open treadmills
Once completed, please exit fitness center and head to main lobby for results and a small meal.


2 swimmers per lane. Pick a lane and swim up and back in the same lane
Make sure your ref knows your full name and whether you are swimming on the left or right
You may warm up but be back at the wall 1 minute prior to start of your wave
You may use any stroke but no swim fins – hand paddles – or water equipment
There will be no flip turns
Recorded distances will be rounded up to the nearest ½ length
If desired, confirm your distance with ref before leaving the pool
Transition #1 (T1 – swim to bike)

Participants will have 10 minutes from whistle to go to locker room, change into cycling gear and head to cycle studio. Bike shoes with cleats may not be worn through hallways until in cycle studio.

You may not ‘reserve’ your bike prior to starting your wave. Any gear left on bike will be removed
If you are new to Kieser bikes ask for assistance from the refs
Do not start the ride until instructed to by the head ref
Use the transition time to set up your bike by adjusting handlebars and seat accordingly
Bike distance is determined by power. The combination of how hard you press the pedals, the resistance, and your cadence
At the finish, stop pedaling but stay on the bike until the rep has recorded your official distance.
Headphones may be worn with volume kept below 80 decibels
Transition #2 (T2 – bike to run)

Participants will have 5 minutes from whistle to head from cycle studio to the fitness center/treadmills


Start the treadmill by pressing the manual key; control your speed by using either the key pad or up and down arrows
After the finish, note your distance and press Pause key (the treadmill will reset after 30 seconds).  So make sure the distance is recorded within this time
Please stay on treadmill until ref has recorded your time
Headphones may be worn with volume kept below 80 decibels


Please pick up shirt and enjoy some food!
Please pick up all of your items from transition as soon as possible after you finish. All items must be removed 15 after last wave finishes.
Results will be posted 30 minutes after the last wave has finished in the main lobby area.