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Lap Swim Rules & Etiquette

 Please read the following rules before joining in Lap Swim:
  • Enter the pool from the shallow end.
  • If you are joining another lap swimmer in a lane, please notify the other swimmer that you will be sharing a lane with them.
  • All swimmers must share a lane when necessary or when asked by the lifeguard.
  • If there are more than two swimmers in a lane, circle swim is in effect, staying close to the right side of the lanes at all times (counter-clockwise).
  • Select a lane with other swimmers who are of similar speed:
    • Lanes 1 & 5 slow
    • Lanes 2 & 4 medium
    • Lane 3 fast
    • Lifeguards have the authority to move patrons to a new lane as needed.
  • Do not slow down other swimmers in your lane by using equipment that slows your pace. Move to a slower lane.
  • Swimmers wishing to use hand paddles/fins may only do so if an empty lane is available. If another swimmer needs to share the lane, equipment use should cease for safety purposes.
  • When sharing a lane, please streamline your shape and stroke. Put your hands in the water in front of your shoulders instead of out to the side where they come in contact with other swimmers.
  • Stand to the side of the lane when resting so that others can continue without interruption.
  • Consider the faster swimmer who is at your feet, and offer him/her a chance to go ahead of you when you reach the nearest wall.
  • Keep your eyes open in order to prevent unnecessary collisions.
  • Politely ask a swimmer in the wrong lane to move to a proper lane.
  • Aquatic staff has the authority to move patrons as necessary.
Lap swimming