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kids: Early Childhood & Elementary

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Shames JCC-AFYA Social Action Pop-Up

The Shames JCC-AFYA Social Action Pop-up is a partnership designed to engage the local community in global social action and to create opportunities for people to do hands-on work that will help people in extraordinary ways. Bringing together the programmatic and technical expertise of the Afya Foundation, the community-building skills and as yet undeveloped space of the Shames JCC on the Hudson, and leadership and financial support from the UJA Federation of New York, Shames JCC-Afya Social Action Pop-up is currently scheduled to run through the end of August.

Afya’s Vision

Afya aims to provide an environmentally responsible solution to the dire shortage of healthcare supplies in underserved communities globally. To get a better sense of the global impact of this work and the role volunteers play in making this happen, watch our video.


Volunteer to Sort

All groups are welcome FREE of charge- church and synagogue groups, youth groups, family groups, and others – come join us!

Contact our Afya Coordinator, Julie Lowy, at jlowy@ShamesJCC.org or 914.366.7898  and schedule your sort today.

What is Afya

Afya means good health.  Afya is a unique medical supply recovery organization that collects surplus equipment from throughout the United States and ships these materials to public health missions worldwide.

Afya’s Accomplishments to Date
  • $34,000,000 worth of medical and humanitarian supplies shipped and airlifted abroad
  • 8,000,000 pounds of medical and humanitarian supplies shipped abroad
  • 2,400,000 pounds of disaster relief supplies sent worldwide (including recent hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico and USVI)
  • 75 African, Caribbean, Latin American and Asian countries that Afya has worked in to support local health missions
How It Works

Afya collects and delivers critically needed surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment, and humanitarian provisions for acute and ongoing health crises worldwide.

RECOVER: Afya recovers surplus medical supplies and equipment from healthcare centers. Each year, American hospitals discard 7,000 tons of usable medical supplies. Since 2008, Afya has recovered $34 million worth of these critical supplies.

SORT: Each year, hundreds of volunteers donate a combined 20,000 hours of service to sort, inventory and pack our recovered medical supplies. This process allows us to maintain a detailed database of our inventory so we can tailor our shipments to our partners’ needs.

SHIP: Afya has worked with public health partners in 75 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. We work with healthcare professionals to ascertain the specific needs of each mission and ship custom containers, pallets or duffel bags.

FAQs about Afya

Why does AFYA reject items that are still “good”?
AFYA only ships medical supplies that have the longest viable shelf life in order to ensure that areas/people with the greatest need have access tot he highest grade level of support. As we continue to refine our processes, this is an area planned for further development.

Can any items that have expired be useful in some way?
YES! Items such as expired surgical gloves can be opened, counted, and repurposed for non-medical use. Check with an AFYA staff member!

Who does AFYA ship medical supplies to?
AFYA ships medical supplies to overseas hospitals and clinics staffed by credentialed doctors/healthcare workers, in areas of acute need, usually due to chronic poverty, natural disaster, or other catastrophic event.

Is there anything I can do in addition to volunteering here on site?
YES! AFYA has established a program called Lifeline. When taking an overseas vacation you can contact local clinics where you will be visiting, and ask them to provide you with a list of needed supplies. AFYA will pack a duffle bag for you with all the necessary documentation and you will have the joy of knowing you brought health and wellness on your holiday!

Does AFYA accept private donations of things I may have around the house?AFYA does gratefully accept certain items from private donors like you! Please speak with and AFYA staff member for details.